Question: Is Feeld good?

Without high-quality profiles and photos, dating apps arent much good to anyone. Thankfully, the quality of both on Feeld was very high. Of the hundreds of profiles I looked at, only five of them were low quality. In terms of attractive people, I was also pleasantly surprised, to be honest.

Is Feeld a good app Reddit?

But I actually think Feeld is one of the best ones. My tip is to stay on the app for months, liking and responding to anyone you match with. But then, when the number of people that like you gets pretty high (mine was over 1000) then pay for one month.

How do you do well on Feeld?

Convey your personality in your profile:In your About section, describe what makes you interesting. Members with completed About sections are much likelier to make Connections.Be open and specific about your interests and desires. Dont be afraid to play around with your Search settings.

How many likes do you get on Feeld?

Likes are free. Likes are limited to 40 per 24hrs for non-Majestic members. Majestic members are able to like an unlimited number of profiles per day.

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