Question: Why is Matt Donovan hated?

All the Matt stans say he has a valid reason to hate vampires because vampires kill his family and he lost everyone he cared about. While this is true, so did LITERALLY everyone else on the show but he acted like he was the only person in Mystic Falls with morals and a ✨tragic backstory✨.

Why is Matt mad at Stefan?

However, after she witnesses Matt choose to side with Damon Salvatore against Rayna Cruz, a fellow vampire hunter, she then accuses him of the state Mystic Falls is in and leaves Matt mad at him. It did not work so Stefan compelled Matt to believe that Pennys death was caused by a fatal car accident.

What did Matt Donovan do?

Later on, he decided to become a deputy in Mystic Falls Police Department, and a vampire hunter. When Elena Gilbert falls into a magical, coma-like slumber after Kai Parker links her to Bonnie Bennett, Matt is forced to step up his game and eventually becomes the sheriff of Mystic Falls.

Is Freya dead?

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, it was revealed that Freya had not been killed by the plague, but was instead given to Dahlia as payment for reversing Esthers infertility and allowing her to have her children.

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