Question: Who is Penelope and why is she angry with Junior?

Who is Penelope to Junior?

Penelope is the first Reardan student to speak to Junior, but generally ignores him until he discovers she is bulimic (a disorder that reminds him of his fathers alcoholism) and she ends up crying on his shoulder, beginning their “friends with potential” relationship.

What does junior learn about Penelope?

Juniors girlfriend. Penelope is beautiful, popular, and, not insignificantly for Junior, white. Junior wonders if he is attracted to her or to her whiteness, and is surprised to discover that Penelope is bulimic. Penelope is supportive of Junior, socially conscious (she raises money for charity), and motivated.

What does Mr P say to Junior that makes him cry?

P asks Junior to say that he deserves the world, Junior starts to cry. He cant say he deserves the world because he doesnt believe it, and he believes hes a troubled kid. Why does Mr.

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