Question: How to start a relationship with a Muslim woman?

How do I make a Muslim girl love me?

10 Ways on How to Get a Muslim Girl Interested in You1.1 1. Get to Know One of Her Closest People.1.2 2. Ask to be Introduced.1.3 3. Show Genuine Attention.1.4 4. Get Involved in Worshipping Activities.1.5 5. Show a Positive Personality.1.6 6. Watch Your Body Language.1.7 7. Watch Your Words.1.8 8. Avoid Touching Her.More items

How do I approach a Muslim woman?

When approaching a Muslim woman (whether she wears the hijab, or not) — its respectful to wait for her to offer her hand and give her the opportunity to show you if she doesnt mind shaking hands, or you can place your hand on your chest as a gesture of polite greeting.

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