Question: What episode of 8 Simple Rules where dad dies?

When did the dad die on 8 Simple Rules?

Sept. 11, 2003 But he was actually experiencing an aortic dissection – a deadly tear in the large artery that carries blood away from the heart, per the John Ritter Foundation – which would have required another course of action. Just days before Season 2 of 8 Simple Rules began airing, Ritter died Sept. 11, 2003, at age 54.

Does the dad die in 8 Simple Rules?

Paul Hennessy (Portrayed by John Ritter from 2002-2003) is Cates husband and father of Bridget, Kerry and Rory. Paul collapsed and died while at the store while buying milk. This was probably because of an aortic dissection (and because of the real-life death of John Ritter).

What streaming service is 8 Simple Rules on?

How to Watch 8 Simple Rules. You are able to stream 8 Simple Rules for free on ABC.

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