Question: What is the population of Moose Jaw 2021?

Moose Jaw is located in south-central Saskatchewan on the Trans-Canada Highway about 48 miles west of Regina. Moose Jaw is known as a tourist city and retirement community with a population of about 34,000 and a density of 711 people per square kilometer, or 1,841 per square mile.

What is the population of Regina 2021?

258,955 Regina ranks Canadas 18th most populated city with an estimated population of over 214,000 people. It is located in south of Canada with urban area size of 179.97 km2. Based on our research, Regina population will reach 258,955 by end of 2021.

Is Swift Current bigger than Moose Jaw?

Swift Current With a population of 16,604, Swift Current is Saskatchewans fifth largest city. It is located along the Trans Canada Highway, approximately 170 km west of Moose Jaw.

Is Moosejaw a good place to live?

It has an abundance of parks, sports and recreational facilities, walking trails, and family-oriented attractions, Moose Jaw is a safe and caring community offering one of the best small city lifestyles in Canada. Moose Jaw was recently named #2 as one of the Top 15 Small Cities in Canada to live in!

Is Estevan bigger than Weyburn?

As one would expect, the city of Estevan was the largest community in the southeast at 12,612 people, down about 600 from the 13,222 who resided in the Energy City a year earlier. Weyburn was the second-largest at 12,033 residents, down from 12,342.

How many Muslims live in Saskatchewan?

According to Statistics Canada, in 2001 there were 2,230 people in Saskatchewan who identified themselves as Muslims, compared with 1,200 in 1991. At present, the majority of Saskatchewan Muslims reside in Saskatoon and Regina.

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