Question: Do fender use CTS pots?

Fender Stratocaster Start 5-Way Wiring Kit – CRL Switch – CTS Pots. This kit comes with a GRL five-way switch, a CTS 250k with split shaft pots and a Switchcraft output jack. When Start players are looking to replace their guitars electronics, these are usually the components they seek out.

What brand pots does Fender use?

Fender has always been using CTS for pots and CRL for 3-4-5 way switches, at least for the vintage style instruments (Classic Series, Classic Players, Road Worn and American Vintage guitars, among others).

What kind of pots do you need for active pickups?

Use a 25K-ohm pot for controlling the volume or tone of active pickups, or for use after the preamp of a piezo-saddle transducer bridge. Alpha pots are audio taper with standard ±20% resistance tolerance.

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