Question: When did go live?

What happened to Admag?

And so the Admag, with its reliance on print, has reached the end of its life. If you are an existing Admag customer please call Duncan Hardman on 01432 845850, who will help you develop a new, more effective marketing strategy through the Hereford Timess print and online options.

Does loot newspaper still exist?

As of February 2012, Loot is published thrice weekly in London and Manchester and weekly in Liverpool; two specialist papers, Loot Recruit and Jobs Week are also published weekly in the London area, and Bargain Pages in the West Midlands.

Is it free to sell on Friday-ad?

It is FREE to place adverts via the Friday-Ad App. How can I upgrade my advert?

Where can we put free ads?

Craigslist. Perhaps the most well-known classified site today, Craigslist is impressively ranked in the top 30 most visited websites in the U.S. This platform has a huge lineup of categories that allows you to sell just about any product or service. Locanto. 3. Facebook. Oodle. Hoobly. Geebo.

Where can I sell for free?

Craigslist. Craigslist is one of the best places to start as an online seller. Ruby Lane. If youre selling art, collectibles and artisan jewelry, Ruby Lane is the place to go. eBid. eBid positions itself as a top eBay competitor for many good reasons. Depop. eBluejay. CQout. Preloved.More items

Do you have to pay to sell on Preloved?

Preloved has no listing fees, no selling fees and you can upgrade your account to get extra benefits for as little as £5 a year.

How do I delete Freeads?

Still want to close your account? If you would still like to close your account, you can do this directly from your Freeads account dashboard by clicking the menu button and choosing my account. From here you will see a close account option further down the page.

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