Question: What is a high powered man?

high-powered | American Dictionary having the skill, experience, knowledge, or authority needed to get important things done: Hes one of the most high-powered men in the capital.

What makes a guy high value?

Having a purpose is about having personal standards and a desire to constantly improve upon what you already have in your skillset. A high-value man with a purpose understands his successes, works to improve on his flaws, and at all times demonstrates good personal standards.

How do you know a man is quality?

Hes smart. He makes you laugh. He actively supports your career. He makes as much effort with your friends and family as you do with his. Hes emotionally intelligent. He respects your opinions and listens to what you have to say. Hes willing to put the work in. He celebrates your achievements.More items •Oct 13, 2020

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