Question: How do I get my home phone to ring on my cell phone?

How can I receive a landline call on my cell phone?

Press the “#” key – sometimes followed by pressing the call button as well – and after confirmation that call forwarding has been activated simply end the call.

How do I find out what my phone number is?

On Android the most common path to finding your number is: Settings > About phone/device > Status/phone identity > Network. This slightly differs on Apple devices, where you can follow the path of Settings > Phone > My Number.

Is there an app that can call landline?

Vonage Mobile (Android|iOS) is a voice over P app that lets you make free calls (and send free texts) to other Vonage app users. You can also use it to call landline and mobile phones -- but normally this costs money. Another nice perk: its able to keep your existing phone number as your caller ID.

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