Question: Is it possible to have a second date in KL?

What can you do on a date in Kuala Lumpur?

9 Cute Weekend Date Ideas Within KL For A Fun And Romantic Time Away From CrowdsGo On A Hike Or Nature Walk. Photo Credits: @wg_sam. Hang Out At A Cafe. Sip And Paint Experience. Go On A Staycation Within The City. Plan A Picnic. Have A Romantic Dinner Date. Go On A Date With Animals. Go For A High Tea Session.More items •29 Jul 2020

Where can you double date?

20 Double Date Ideas Every Couple Should TryHost a game night with your favorite couple. Reserve a few seats at the local comedy club. Go to a paint-and-sip event. Help the animals at your local shelter. Do a team-building ropes course. Say namaste at a group yoga class. Go on a food crawl. Cook dinner together.More items •14 Mar 2019

Where should I go on a first date in KL?

First Date Problems in Kuala LumpurHike up Bukit Nanas and walk on a canopy in the middle of the city. Go For A Breakfast Date. Stroll On The City Roads In KL During Car Free Morning. Learn to build terrariums together at Ohsum Mossum. Experience the spectacular sunset on a helipad at Heli Lounge Bar.More items •23 Sep 2016

Where can I go with my girlfriend in KL?

Petronas Twin Towers. 30,109. Architectural Buildings. Aquaria. 6,217. Aquariums. KLCC Park. 13,082. Parks. Royal Selangor Visitor Centre. 2,342. Visitor Centres. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. 7,959. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks. Menara Kuala Lumpur. 8,641. Observation Decks & Towers. Pavilion KL. 4,118. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. 3,498.More items

What is there to do on a couple weekend?

Romantic Couples ActivitiesBring a picnic to the park. If it is a sunny day or a nice evening, pack up a picnic and take it to a local park. Watch the sunset. Rent a paddle boat. Take a dance class. Find a fireplace. Tour your hometown. Go to a spa. Go to a fondue restaurant.More items •14 Nov 2020

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