Question: Who is infinite girlfriend?

kiera bridget (@kiera) • Instagram photos and videos.

Did Kiera break up with Morgz?

Are they still together? No – at least as far as we can tell. During their time together youd often see them appear alongside each other in videos but this hasnt been the case for some time now, creating no small amount of suspicion that their relationship is no more.

Is infinite and caylus the same person?

His real name is Caylus Cunningham, but on YouTube, hes almost exclusively known by his channel name: Infinite.

Who is Morgz?

Morgan Hudson, better known as Morgz on social media, is a British YouTube gaming personality best known for his FIFA content, his Pokemon GO content and his lifestyle and challenge videos on YouTube. Morgan has no siblings, but he does have a dog named Bruno.

What age is Morgz mum?

57 Jill Hudson (born: October 11, 1963 (1963-10-11) [age 57]), better known online as Morgz Mum, is an English YouTuber and mother of fellow YouTuber, Morgz.

Is plainrock124 asexual?

*PART 1*, King jokingly came out as asexual. In QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR 50000 SUBSCRIBERS he confirms it to be true. This has never been touched upon again.

Is Morgan still dating Kiera?

She has done a lot of videos with Morgan. Kiera and Morgan are no longer together but are still really good friends (as Morgan stated in an Instagram story). They announced their break-up on July 30, 2019 on Instagram and Twitter.

Is Jill Hudson married to Martin?

She was married to Darren Hudson. She has since remarried to Bald Martin.

Whats Plainrock124 real name?

King Liang King Liang (born: February 4, 1999 (1999-02-04) [age 22]), better known online as Plainrock124, is an American YouTuber best known for smashing electronic products. Most of his videos involve smashing a certain product with humorous skits.

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