Question: Are Hamilton watches worth buying?

Although Hamilton watches arent luxury, they have superior quality Swiss ETA automatic movements, which is generally not found in watches at their price range. They have the Swatch Group affiliation, a watch-giant, well-known for its superior quality watches, which makes it worth buying.

Is Hamilton considered a good watch?

Hamilton is considered a mid-tear Swiss brand that boasts high-quality wristwatches at very reasonable prices. Hamilton watches are very good but those watch aficionados with superior quality expectations might find Hamilton below their standards.

How long will a Hamilton watch last?

In normal daily wearing conditions it has an average life of six to 12 months.

Where are Hamilton watches made today?

Switzerland Since 1974, Hamilton has been a part of the Swatch Group and, in 2003, we moved our HQ and production to the center of watchmaking country in Biel, Switzerland.

What movements do Hamilton watches use?

Benefitting from Swatch Group resources, Hamilton watches are powered by reliable, mass-produced ETA movements, including those with the latest tech such as silicon parts and extended power reserves.

Do Hamilton watches have batteries?

Battery life varies usually from two to five years depending on the type of the watch, its dimensions and the amount of energy required by the different functions. If your watch has a seconds hand and it begins to jump in four-second intervals, the battery of your Hamilton watch needs to be replaced.

Can you Overwind a Hamilton?

Yes. The Khaki Mechanical wont let you overwind unless youre a barbarian. AGREED on the strap!

Do Hamilton watches need service?

Like any micromechanical precision instrument, HAMILTON watches require regular and complete maintenance. Maintenance has the aim of keeping your watch in perfect working order and of making it last longer.

What happens if you overwind a watch?

Whenever the mainspring is wound completely, the rotor will stop turning in the course where the mainspring is wound. Thus, overwinding an automatic watch is not possible. When the mainspring is fully wound, turning the crown of the watch will have no drastic effects on its functionality.

How often should you wind a Hamilton watch?

An automatic watch that has stopped or is at the end of its power reserve due to non-wear should be manually wound 30-40 times.

Are Hamilton watches hand made?

Hamilton watches are Swiss made and the company comes under the Swatch Group, a Swiss luxury watches and jewelry company, which indicates its Swiss production. Most of the Hamilton watches have either ETA or Valjoux movements, which are a Swiss specialty.

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