Question: Is MeetMindful a good dating app?

I met many great people on here, and had several quality dates. It was the most success Ive had with a dating app. Our values really seemed to be aligned, and the profiles led to great matches, as well as discussions both on and off the app with people.

Is mindful dating free?

Whether youre interested in looking for a supportive friend and conversation partner, a girlfriend, the love of your life, or just a fun date, all the core features of this app are completely free. Members describe the app as friendly, fun, and safe.

How do you find a conscious relationship?

Whats a Conscious Relationship?are responsible for own happiness and “stuff”;see each other through compassionate eyes;create space for honesty, accountability, and vulnerability; and,accept and appreciate one another for who we are (without trying to change each other).Oct 3, 2019

What app is soul?

Soul is an AI-powered app that creates social circles for its users based on personality tests. Its still tiny — only 6 million active daily users — but its backed by internet behemoth Tencent, and its about to raise a boatload of cash.

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