Question: Is Match app free to download?

Download the Match app for free today, and in a few minutes, youll be on your way to better matches and better dates.

How do I get match comon my phone?

Go to on your Android device if your phone model is supported, and youll be prompted to download the application. You can also visit the Android Market or Amazon App Store for Android and search for to find and download the application.

Does match have a app?® The launch of our Android app gives coverage across all major smartphone platforms on the market. No other dating site comes close to that coverage. The Android application allows members to view their matches, their favorites, and members who have viewed their profile.

Can you browse match com for free?

Its 100% free to join and see what all the fuss is about. As a free member, you can take a look around the dating site and app for as long as you want, keeping an eye out for daily matches and potential dates.

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