Question: Is Ziggy in home and away pregnant in real life?

Real-life Home & Away besties REVEALED co-star Patrick OConnor amid COVID-19, whisks! Leaving Ziggy guilty s in big trouble her is ziggy from home and away pregnant in real life in Queensland with her boyfriend co-star!

Are Ziggy and Dean dating in real-life?

Home and Away stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick OConnor have welcomed a new arrival to their home – an adorable dog. The real-life couple, who play Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson on the Summer Bay soap respectively, are proud owners of the new pet, with Patrick sharing pictures with fans on Instagram.

Who is dating in real-life from Home and Away?

Guess theres always a happily ever after They one-upped their whirlwind on-screen relationship for an off-screen marriage. Quite the glow-up! Glorious Summer Bay couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are not only dating, but theyre married IRL.

Who is Sophie Dillman partner in real-life?

Patrick OConnor Home and Aways Sophie Dillman & Patrick OConnor on falling in love on set. Home and Aways real-life couple Sophie Dillman and Patrick OConnor have discussed falling in love while starring on the soap together.

How old is Ziggy from Home and Away in real-life?

She plays Ziggy Astoni on the show, and her real-life age is 27. Sam plays Jasmine Delaney and is 32 years old. Shane plays surf lifeguard John Palmer and is 62. Rob, who plays Ari Parata, is 30.

Is Bella in Home and Away pregnant?

It looks like the pitter-patter of little feet will soon be on the way for Aussie actress Jessica Tovey! The former Home and Away star, who played fan favourite Belle Taylor from 2006 to 2009, revealed her pregnancy by showing off her burgeoning baby bump on Instagram on Wednesday.

What is Ziggy short for Home and Away?

Ziggy Zig Astoni (previously Morgan) is the older daughter of Ben and Maggie Astoni and the older sister of Coco Astoni.

Does Justin end up in a wheelchair Home and Away?

Home and Away Soap Scoop! Justin (James Stewart) recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour on his spine, but the procedure ended early due to complications in the operating room. She made this choice as there was a risk of Justin losing his mobility if the full tumour was removed.

What drug is Justin taking in Home and Away?

painkillers “But, having said that, the moment I wake up, I really start to think about where Justin is, where his mindset is and some of the trials and tribulations that he goes through.” James Stewarts Home And Away character Justin Morgan becomes addicted to painkillers after surgery.

What is Ziggy short for?

ZiggymeaningShort for Siegfried, SigmundoriginGerman Americanpopularityfamiliarsyllables2starts withZ5 more rows

Do Dean and Amber stay together?

The couple eventually settled down into a happy and contented relationship, and their brief love triangle was all but forgotten about. In the meantime, Dean (Patrick OConnor) and Ziggys (Sophie Dillman) perfect relationship came to an end after Ziggy discovered her boyfriends involvement in Ross Nixons death.

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