Question: Who is Kiptyn Locke dating?

Bachelorette runner-up Kiptyn Locke and his girlfriend Samm Murphy are now parents.

Are Tenley and Kiptyn together?

But, several months later, Tenley and Kiptyn ended their relationship. Earlier this year, Kiptyn confirmed that he was expecting a child with his new girlfriend, Samm Murphy. It looks like Kiptyn has found his happiness, and hopefully the third time will be the charm for Tenley and shell find love in Paradise.

Who did kiptyn marry?

They split in 2015. Soon after, Kiptyn announced that he and his new girlfriend, Samm Murphy, were expecting their first child. The couple welcomed a beautiful little boy, Koltyn, into the world in July 25. Ed married news reporter Natalie Bomke in July 2015.

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