Question: How does jchicago matchmaking for Jewish singles work?

Jewish Singles Events for you JChicago runs a number of Jewish dating events throughout the year, enabling Jewish singles ot meet each other directly. The matchmakers get to know singles and make matches for them both at the event and post event also.

Does a Jewish matchmaker get paid?

On getting paid for her services Traditionally, once a match is made, a matchmaker is paid, you know, either upon engagement or marriage, depending on what the customs are, and the fees range anywhere from a thousand to several thousand dollars.

Do you have to be Jewish to use JDate?

While JDate is clearly built for Jewish singles, and the vast majority of JDates 750,000 members are Jewish singles interested in meeting other Jewish singles with the same faith and values, nobody is prohibited from joining the site, said Arielle Schechtman, Director of Public and Community Relations at Spark

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