Question: What to know about dating an Aquarius man?

Are Aquarius Men difficult to date?

Dating an Aquarius man. Aquarians are some of the hardest people to read, causing you to be uncertain of their feelings and intentions in a relationship. While not everyone is exactly looking for a happily ever after, its safe to say that many people seek clear understanding and open communication in their love lives.

How do Aquarius men make the first move?

Ms AquariusMAKE THE FIRST MOVE. Although sparkling and outgoing, the Aquarius woman may be shy about asking a man out on a date – especially if she really likes him.MAKE IT SPECIAL. Take her to a special place. BE PERSONAL. BE SMART. ENTERTAIN AND FASCINATE. Interesting topics will make her pay attention. A CREATIVE GIFT.Jan 26, 2020

How do you text an Aquarius man?

When texting an Aquarius man, make sure your messages are entertaining and unique. Dont send him a text just to see how hes doing or start a pointless conversation. Show him you are independent and amusing, dont be too clingy, and dont worry if he doesnt always respond.

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