Question: Where do baby boomers spend their money?

Some 22 percent of baby boomers report spending too much money at the grocery store, a number that was lower than that of both Generation X and Millennials. Nearly 18 percent of baby boomers say they waste money on their cell phone, which was somewhat consistent with younger generations.

What activities do baby boomers enjoy?

Most popular leisure activities among Baby Boomers in the United States as of September 2013CharacteristicShare of respondentsWalking/running/jogging11%Gardening11%Watching/going to the movies10%Playing video games and computer/internet games8%6 more rows•9 Dec 2013

Are boomers in debt?

Boomers, however, started 2019 with $132,039 in debt but allowed that to grow to $140,887 by 2021. The rise in what boomer loan shoppers owe seems to have been due mostly to mortgage debt, which grew from 69.6 percent of their total debt to 72.7 percent in 2021.

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