Question: What does M mean in relationship?

What does M mean in a relationship?

M:1 stands for Many-to-One relationship How to abbreviate Many-to-One relationship? Many-to-One relationship can be abbreviated as M:1. What is the meaning of M:1 abbreviation? The meaning of M:1 abbreviation is Many-to-One relationship

What mean M?

m is the standard abbreviation for metre (or meter) in the International System of Units (SI). However, m is also used as an abbreviation for mile. M is used as the unit abbreviation for molarity. With money amounts, m means one million: For example, $5m is five million dollars.

What does a single M mean?

M is the Roman numeral for thousand and MM is meant to convey one thousand-thousand — or million. To take it further; one billion would be shown as $1MMM or one-thousand million.

What is M slang for?

The letter M is used as an abbreviation to mean Male, Married, Mature, and Mephedrone.

Is M on Palm rare?

While this completes the essential trinity of major lines in the palm, only a select few find their Heart and Head Lines connected to create an M. This is why the marking is so rare and celebrated.

What does a pineapple mean on tinder?

People post a certain fruit that corresponds with a different relationship status. Blueberry means youre single. Cherries mean youre in a relationship. But, if your love life isnt quite so straightforward, you have another option: pineapple means its complicated.

What does Y mean on your palm?

It is said that if the branch coming out of the lifeline is stopping by going to the Chandra mountain, then the mark of Y formed from it is considered very auspicious. With this, the person in whose hands it happens lives happily and auspiciously in life. The person whose palm has such a mark of Y also travels more.

What is guardian angel line?

This line is called the guardian angel line. The line means that a person has an angel or a spirit guide assisting them through life. This angel or guide can take many different forms but are often the spirit of a deceased loved one close to you before they passed on.

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