Question: How do you connect a soundbar to a sound box?

Can you connect sound bar directly to cable box?

You can use the HDMI-ARC input of the TV to the the soundbar HDMI output and avoid having to use an optical cable too. To watch cable select the HDMI input you connected it to on the TV and ARC on the soundbar. To watch BD select the HDMI-ARC input on the TV and the HDMI input on the soundbar. Solved!

Do I connect soundbar to TV or cable box?

Its better to connect your soundbar with an HDMI cable because it provides better quality sound. While HDMI and optical connections both pass digital audio from one device to the other, HDMI is capable of handling higher-resolution audio.

How do I get sound from my cable box to my soundbar?

With the TV and soundbar turned on, connect one end of a digital optical cable to the OPTICAL OUT port on the TV. Then, connect the other end to the DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) port on the soundbar. Press Source on the remote or soundbar, and then set the soundbar to the D.IN.

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