Question: Where do most expats live in Beijing?

The highest concentration of expats is in the Chaoyang district in the East of the city center and in Shunyi a bit farther outside, closer to the Airport.

Where do most foreigners live in Beijing?

Chaoyang District serves as Beijings diplomatic district, where most foreign embassies to China are located. With the concentration of international companies and international schools, Chaoyang District is one of the top choices for expats to live.

Are there many expats in Beijing?

Beijing has a large and growing expat population, but Chinese language barriers and the ease of connecting with other expats can easily become an excuse to not fully integrate into the local culture. “Some expatriates have lived in China for many years, but have hardly experienced their host country,” Sehi said.

Is Beijing expat friendly?

“Like I mentioned earlier, there is a good amount of expats living in Beijing. Singles and couples tend to live more centrally – Dongzhimen and Sanlitun are the places to go if you want to meet up with other expats! There are also tons of WeChat groups catered to foreigners so its always easy to communicate online.”

Is Beijing a safe place to live?

But as far as big cities worldwide go, this is a rather safe place. Cheap prices – From restaurant food to (non-Western) groceries, from transportation to a decent haircut (as long as you dont expect your hair dresser to speak English…), the cost of living in China is much lower than in the West.

Why would people move to Beijing?

A central travel hub. Living in Beijing means having the luxury of convenient travel. Being the central travel hub that it is, Beijing gives its residents the ability to access almost anywhere in Asia without an issue.

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