Question: How much does Clover dating cost?

Clover, like most dating sites, is initially free. Users get a no-cost seven day initial trial and then its $9.99/month for premium service on the App Store after that.

Does Clover have monthly fees?

Clover charges monthly fees for its software, letting you choose from several plans that offer different features. You can also purchase additional software features from Clovers App Store.

Is too much clover bad for cows?

Yes, cows can eat clover but feed safe and mould-free clover. Cattle grazing on sweet clover, yellow clover, and white clover may develop metabolic disorders. Clover poisoning leads to bloat which may cause the death of an animal.

What happens to cows when they eat clover?

Sweet clover contains a compound called coumarol that can be converted to dicoumarol in the presence of molds. When dicoumarol is consumed by livestock it inhibits vitamin K production. Pregnant cows may abort or give birth to stillborn calves if they are consuming moldy sweet clover hay.

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