Question: How long did John Mayer and Taylor Swift date?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer have never confirmed whether they were dating or not, but their fans consider that the duo was dating when Taylor was 19 years old. Their relationship is reported to have lasted from December 2009 to February 2010, as reported in Popsugar. At that time, John Mayer was 32 years old.

Who Has Taylor Swift dated the longest?

Even without the official announcement, her relationship with Joe Alwyn is definitely Taylor Swifts longest. They have reportedly been dating for well over two years, which is much longer than any other documented relationship of Swifts.

How long did John Mayer and Katy Perry date?

The 43-year-old dated Perry, 36, from 2012 to 2015, during which time he was her plus-one to President Barack Obamas 2013 inauguration and Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, when she performed the halftime show.

How old was Taylor Swift when she dated Jake Gyllenhaal?

Taylor Swift penned her album Red in 2012 after a three-month relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal which came to an end at the start of 2011, when she was just 21 and he was 30. In an interview with Rolling Stone Taylor called Red a pure heartbreak album, saying: I look back on this as my only true break up album.

What does Katy Perry think of John Mayer?

Its been a few years since their breakup, and there seems to be no bad blood between the former lovers. In fact, Perry even praised Mayer by ranking him at the top of her previous lovers while on a segment of James Cordens show in 2017, (via Vanity Fair).

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