Question: What should you not say to an HSP?

How do you comfort a highly sensitive person?

Effectively managing the HSPs on your team comes down to empowering them to embrace their strengths while equipping them with tools to manage their emotionality.Start a conversation about stress.Coach them to cope with stimulating situations.Tactfully deliver criticism.Connect their work to something meaningful.16 Jan 2019

What should highly sensitive person do?

Much of your stress relief plan as a highly sensitive person can involve insulating yourself from too many stimuli. Put a barrier between you and sensory stimuli that feel overwhelming. And above all, know what triggers stress in you, and learn to avoid these things.

How do you communicate with HSP?

How to Communicate With a Highly Sensitive PersonAccept diversity. Respect boundaries. Pay attention to their body language.Keep lines of communication open. Use the sandwich approach. Dont invalidate their emotions. Plan out heavy conversations. Keep emotions level.More items •14 May 2020

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