Question: What does Kevin Federline think of Britney Spears?

[Kevin] certainly respects Britney and only hopes the best for her because when the best for her is achieved, its the best for their kids. The kids love their mother and he wants there to be a healthy and strong relationship.

Does Kevin Federline Support Britney?

“Kevin has been consistently a supporter of Britney, he hopes for Britney that she is able to enjoy her life in a safe and healthy way, and he looks forward to being able to enjoy the benefits of being able to coparent two teenage children,” Kaplan concludes.

How does Kevin Federline feel about Britneys conservatorship?

According to Kaplan, Federline has not been involved in the conservatorship and his top priority is his childrens well-being. Kevin feels that the best thing for his children is for their mother to be happy and healthy, Kaplan said. And if she can do that without a conservatorship, thats terrific.

What happened with Britney and Kevin Federline?

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have certainly had their ups and downs since splitting in November 2006. Just months prior, the twosome were locked in a bitter feud after Federline requested an increase in child support payments.

Does Kevin Federline have custody of Britney Spears kids?

Spears has 30 percent custody of her two sons, Sean Preston Federline, and Jayden James Federline. Meanwhile, Britneys ex-husband Kevin Federline has primary custody and sees them 70 percent of the time. When the couple split in 2007, they agreed upon a 50-50 custody split.

How much does Britney pay Kevin in child support?

Per TMZ, the couple had a prenuptial agreement before their divorce and Britney also had to pay for K-Feds $250,000 lawyer fees. The site also reports that K-Fed receives $20,000 per month in child support for his and Britneys two sons.

Why did Britney and Kevin divorce?

Federline and Spears have two sons together, born in September 2005 and September 2006. Spears filed for divorce from Federline on November 7, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences and asking for both physical and legal custody of their two sons, with visitation rights for Federline.

Can Britney Spears hit high notes?

Britneys lowest note is a G2,in her unreleased song Dramatic and has hit B2 more than once, and her highest note is Eb6 in Mona Lisa and she has exclamed a F#6 live. All evidences on Youtube.

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