Question: How do you hook up with a musician?

How do you hook up with someone at a music festival?

DO pack the essentials: condoms, lube, a light (“even a little red light to set the mood” is Lauras hot tip), wet wipes, blankets and some speakers for music to drown out the sound. DO keep a condom on your person, even in the mosh. That way, youre still prepped even if dont end up at your tent.

How do you get in touch with rappers?

Heres The Plan:Find a successful artist that you would like to work with. Its best to find an artist whose music you enjoy and feel you could compliment well. Look at what artist/producers theyve signed or consistently work with. Connect with the less popular artist or producer. Make good music with them.

How do you pick up girls at a music festival?

8 Steps To Hooking Up With A Girl At A ConcertPick The Right Show.Drink.Choose Your Ground.Make Her Notice You.Introduce Yourself.Dont Be Too Forward.She doesnt know you, so you have to wait and see if shes interested. From here on out, youve just got to not mess things up.May 12, 2012

How do I find people at a festival?

How to Find Lost Friends at a FestivalDouble down on contact info. Get a phone number, and make sure youve friended all the members of your group on Facebook or Instagram. Have a rendezvous point. Use an illuminated signal (like a flashlight) Use a festival app. If youre going to text, time-stamp! Plan ahead.Jul 22, 2015

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