Question: What was the population of Carshalton in 2011 according to the census?

A majority of the population of Carshalton is in the ABC1 social group. In the 2011 Census the wards had been merged into 3 with a total population of 29,917.

What was the population of London in 1750?

Greater London, Inner London & Outer London Population & Density HistoryInner London (Former London County)1600200,0001650350,000-400,0001700575,000-600,0001750650,00029 more rows

What was the population of London in 1970?

7,509,000 London, UK Metro Area Population 1950-2021London - Historical Population DataYearPopulationGrowth Rate19707,509,000-0.94%19697,580,000-0.93%19687,651,000-0.93%69 more rows

What is the population of Croydon 2021?

Its population is 386,710, making it the second largest London borough and fifteenth largest English district.

What are the demographics of London England?

2011 CensusNumberPercentage of total populationWhite: Other White1,033,98112.6White: Total4,887,43559.8Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black Caribbean119,4251.5Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black African65,4790.820 more rows

Was London ever the largest city in the world?

London was the worlds largest city from c. 1831 to 1925, with a population density of 325 people per hectare.

How much did the population increase between 1750 and 1850?

From 1750 to 1850, the population of England alone nearly tripled. Before the Industrial Revolution, most Europeans—and most of the world—lived on small farms in rural areas. By the mid-1800s, half the people in England lived in cities, and by 1900 this change had spread throughout much of Europe.

When did London stop being the largest city in the world?

London: The worlds largest city in 1825 AD Named after the Prime Minister at the time, Robert Peel, theyre called bobbies to this day. London retained the largest number of residents until 1914.

Is Croydon in Surrey or Greater London?

Croydon, outer borough of London, England, on the southern edge of the metropolis. It is in the historic county of Surrey. The present borough was established in 1965 by the amalgamation of the former county borough of Croydon and the adjacent district of Coulsdon and Purley.

What percent of Croydon is white?

White Brits now make up less than half of Croydons population, new figures show. Data from the 2011 Census shows 47.3 per cent - 171,878 of the boroughs 363,378 population - described themselves as being White British.

Why did the population explode in 1750?

1: After 1750 more people got married younger, therefore the population increased because couples had more time together to have children. This was important because couples couldnt usually afford children back in 1750, but when the children got a bit older they earn money for their parents.

What caused the population of England to nearly triple between 1750 and 1850?

By the time of the Industrial Revolution, there were more people than ever before. A main reason for this was 18th century agricultural improvements, which all but ended the periodic famines that had kept down European populations. From 1750 to 1850, the population of England alone nearly tripled.

Is Croydon a rich area?

The London Borough of Croydon has been labelled Londons wealthiest borough for property by a new survey. While substantially higher than the average of around £28.3bn, the famously expensive borough only comes out sixth in the list of wealthiest London neighbourhoods for property.

Is South Croydon in Surrey or London?

South CroydonLondon boroughCroydonCeremonial countyGreater LondonRegionLondonCountryEngland16 more rows

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