Question: What kind of stats do you get on CS GO?

Does CS go have stats?

“CS:GO 360 Stats includes access to Competitive match stats from official Competitive, Premier, and Wingman game modes,” Valve explains in the official FAQ, “and the Round Win Chance report introduced in Operation Broken Fang.” It only includes stats from those modes – you wont find any stats from casual play here.

What should my CS GO settings be?

The best video settings for CS:GOBrightness: 80 percent. Your brightness settings will heavily depend on your monitors brightness, but 80 percent is a sweet spot when it comes to in-game settings.Aspect ratio: 4:3.Resolution: 1280×960. Display mode: Fullscreen.Laptop power savings: Disabled.Jan 10, 2021

How do I see my previous CSGO ranks?

Once youve earned your stripes, your rank will be displayed under your username at the start-up screen and to the right of your username on match scoreboards. You can only see your teammates ranks if youre in a party with them.

Why do pro CS:GO players use low resolution?

1️⃣✔️ The reason you find CSGO pros playing in this ratio is that an opponent looks closer. Stretch the screen in low resolution and everything looks bigger. This makes taking kills and head shots that much easier in lower resolutions. 2️⃣✔️A second reason for low resolutions is the jump in frame-rates (fps).

Why do CS:GO pros use low settings?

Low settings provide a higher in-game frame rate. The higher your frame rate, the lower your input lag will be. Responsive clicks, mouse movements and keyboard presses are essential to top level play.

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