Question: What is Sirf coffee?

Sirf Coffee is a hybrid matchmaking startup that offers a pressure-free, personalised approach to dating with offline dates handpicked by seasoned relationship managers. And to serve this clan of love-seekers, several hybrid matchmaking platforms have cropped up in the market.

How good is Sirf Coffee?

The Sirf Coffee team is extremely upfront and ensure they manage and meet expectations. I signed up for their 6 month plan and met some great folks. Their member pool is diverse and well-curated. It is a modern, non- traditional approach to match making which makes for a unique dating experience.

How do Sindhis make money?

Their price being 1 paise cheaper and thus sold hundreds of bags making a loss of 50 paise per 50 kg bag. But what they did not realise was that every time the Sindhi sold an empty bag, he made a net profit of 50 paise on every 50 kg bag of sugar. They believed in sacrificing profit for large turnovers.

What do Sindhi people like to eat?

Top 10 Delicious and Irresistible Sindhi food You Must TryKoki.Kadhi Chawal.Sai Bhaji.Seyal Mani.Dal Pakwan.Aloo Tuk.Kakdi ki sabzi.Bhugal Teewarn.More items

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