Question: Who is D Banj dating?

Personal life. Dbanj married Lineo Didi Kilgrow in June 2016.

Who is dbanj wife?

Lineo Didi Kilgrowm. 2016 Dbanj/Wife

How did D Banj and Don Jazzy meet?

Dbanj and Don Jazzy who had just returned from London and released Tongolo, were also performing in the Lagos concert circles. One day, while Konga had a performance, he met a young and struggling Wande Coal, who approached him for help with his career. Follow me,” Konga told Wande.

Is dbanj born again?

Popular Nigerian singer, Dbanj, recently declared at a Christian concert in Abuja that he was born again. He shared the story of how God restored him after he lost his son.

How old is reminisce now?

40 years (January 26, 1981) Reminisce/Age

How old is 2face now?

45 years (September 18, 1975) 2Baba/Age

What is the first song of reminisce?

Ever since His first single, “Ever since”, featured 9ice, and was a story about his life till that moment. His second, “If Only”, was a love song produced by Dtunez, where he showed his versatility as singer and a rapper. Both songs established Reminisce in the Nigerian music scene.

How old is 9ice now?

41 years (January 17, 1980) 9ice/Age

What is 2Face real name?

Innocent Ujah Idibia 2Baba/Full name

Is 2 Face married?

Annie Macaulay-Idibiam. 2012 2Baba/Spouse

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