Question: How do you use the Pure hookup app?

How does Pure work? First, add a photo of yourself using your camera or saved photos. When you submit your photo, it becomes a meeting request, which appears in the apps feed to people in your area. It will appear for one hour and then is automatically deleted along with any correspondence between you and other users.

How does down hookup app work?

DOWN is a dating app rather than website. This means you cant search in the traditional sense. Instead, the app will present you with potential matches in your area, and you select whether or not youre interested in them by swiping. In DOWN, swipe up for Date, down for Hookup or left to skip them entirely.

Is it worth paying for Feeld?

If youre looking to explore things sexually, Feeld is a great way to get started. The relative anonymity takes away some of the intimidation that can put people off taking that first step. If youre in a relationship, it also allows you to link your profile to your significant others so everyone can see.

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