Question: Why did destiny remove SBMM?

The last time they removed it (last year) it was because player numbers on PC had gotten so low that the game simply couldnt sustain any sort of SBMM. So Bungie claimed they broke SBMM by accident, and imposed CBMM on the rest of the game to hide that embarrassing fact.

Is SBMM still in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 recently removed SBMM from many playlists and rolled out a new Iron Banner event, which seems to have made a lot of people happy. The new Iron Banner event landed for the first time in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals.

Will destiny bring back SBMM?

Nope. SBMM is not gonna come back to Destiny 2. Bungie have said it and theyll hold true to their word. If you want SBMM, go play a different game.

Why did destiny remove so much content?

In announcing the Content Vault, Bungie claimed that Destiny 2 is too large to efficiently update and maintain, citing that its size and complexity contribute to more bugs and less innovation.

Did Activision turn off SBMM?

Activision tells creators of popular Call of Duty stat-tracking website SBMM Warzone to shut it down by Monday. UPDATE: Website now offline. UPDATE 29TH MARCH 2021: As predicted, has shut down.

Does destiny have SBMM?

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is often a point of controversy in the biggest multiplayer titles and now, Bungie has removed the feature from a large portion of Destiny 2. SBMM seeks to pit equally-talented players against one another in every single match.

Is Leviathan getting vaulted?

Come November 10, 2020, the Raids Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, and Scourge of the Past will no longer be available to play.

Is Destiny 2 skill-based matchmaking?

Bungies plan is for skill-based matchmaking to be removed and replaced with connection-based matchmaking instead, which has become more necessary now that Stasis has entered the game.

Can you still farm raids Destiny 2?

The affected raids are: Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, and Scourge of the Past. Basically, the Leviathan Suite with Scourge of the Past as a bonus.

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