Question: Why do the Olsen twins never smile?

Mary-Kate and Ashley are known for their serious faces on the red carpet — but there is a good explanation as to why the the 31-year-olds might not want to smile in public. According to Mary-Kate, they get scared and anxious in front of the cameras, and even squeeze each others hands to calm each other down.

Do Olsen twins smile?

They never smile. Sometime around 2005, the twins stopped smiling and started pursing their lips together instead. However, these days theyve graduated to full-on glassy-eyed stares that, frankly, are a little creepy. In fact, their smiles are so rare, whenever they do it, it becomes headline news.

Why do the Olsen twins look so unhappy?

Yes, no matter how rich they get, MK & A are famed for looking utterly miserable at all times. Part of it is because the Olsen twins have spent the last five or so years honing their famed prune expression, boasting pursed lips that only have a tinge of a grin on a good day.

Did one of the Olsen twins have plastic surgery?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never spoke publicly on plastic surgery rumors. As for whether the Olsen twins did or didnt go under the knife, the Full House alums havent said directly. And ultimately, it doesnt matter if they got plastic surgery anyway.

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