Question: How do you use the MeetMe App?

Immediately after creating an account, users set up their profile using an active Facebook account or email address. In a matter of seconds, various profiles pop up for other users in the nearby area. Users can glance through a long list of public information for those who live nearby.

How do you post on MeetMe?

If youre particularly interested in someone, you can click on his/her picture to go directly to her profile so you can see their profile in detail. If you want, you can send him/her a message. After you click the see full profile, you will be able to see their profile in full detail.

Is MeetMe real?

Although the MeetMe app possesses a 4-star Google Play rating and over 100 million users, MeetMe is one of the most dangerous apps available to teens. This app is designed to closely imitate other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, these similarities mask a far greater danger.

Is MeetMe a safe site?

Is MeetMe safe? Honestly, the site is not very safe. There is no system in place that verifies the identity of their users, so members are free to act as they wish under the cloak of anonymity. Although fake profiles can be reported, if they havent done anything wrong, nothing is done about them.

Does MeetMe still have discuss?

In its latest iOS update, the app added the new “Discuss” function to its Feed interface, which users can now use to form conversations with groups of like-minded users, instead of just communicating on a one-to-one basis.

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