Question: Who won Countdown Final 2021?

It concluded on 25 June 2021 and was won by No. 3 seed Adam Latchford, who defeated No. 1 seed Luke Boynton to the title. This is also the last series to give away twenty volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary to the series winner.

How many times can a contestant win on Countdown?

During the series heats, the winning contestant returns the next day until they either lose or retire with eight wins as an undefeated Octochamp. The best eight contestants are invited back for the series finals, which are decided in knockout format.

Who won Season 16 of Countdown?

From Countdown Tony Vick was the champion of Series 16 and a participant in the Supreme Championship. He made his debut on 20 July 1988, the day following octochamp Steve Williamss final heat.

What is the prize for winning Countdown?

Richard Whitely memorial cup Half of the words definitions in my mind are: scores eight points on Countdown.” The prize for winning Countdown is the Richard Whitely memorial cup and a full set of Oxford dictionaries.

Who won series 34 of Countdown?

A Countdown contestant has revealed he won a show with the help of the word - SHAGS. Chuffed Mike Daysley, 34, came up with the rude word after Rachel Riley picked the letters HOASUGVOS.

Whats the highest score ever on Countdown?

The highest ever score is 152, held by Elliott Mellor. See the list of 15-round scores over 125.

Who is Luke on Countdown?

Luke Boynton was a contestant in Series 51 and an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 83. As of his second appearance, he was a senior finance manager from Birmingham. He is also a poker player, and is the winner of the 2019 International Poker Open. Boynton first appeared on Countdown in 2004.

Is Susie Dent still married?

Susie and husband Paul Atkins have split after 20 years but remain on amicable terms, having told family and friends according to reports. Avid viewers are wondering why the Countdown star has been missing from Dictionary Corner of late.

How many points is a 9 letter word on Countdown?

The player with the longest word wins the number of points equal to the number of letters in their word. Each of the nine letters can be used only once when compiling words. If a nine letter word is achieved the score is doubled to eighteen points.

What is the lowest score ever on Countdown?

Low scores The lowest ever score was set by Christine Buffrey, who scored only 7 points against Tom Barnes.

Who has the highest Countdown score?

High scores. The highest ever score is 146, jointly held by Julian Fell, in his semi-final against Danny Hamilton, and Conor Travers, with his victory against Jack Hurst in the 30th Birthday Championship final. Fells game is notable for being the only time a contestant has found four nine letter words in a single game

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