Question: How do I get a girl in San Francisco?

How is the dating scene in San Diego?

About 17% of women and 35% of men were satisfied with dating here. Far more San Diegans, about 58%, were satisfied with their social lives in town. And looking at census data, the city posted a measly 22 out of 100 for percentage of singles.

How many singles are in San Francisco?

San Francisco received highest honors thanks to its ratio of single male to single females (. 972), which is the second-highest in the nation. In total, 52-percent of men in this city are single and, presumably, ready to mingle. Of this pool, 19.8-percent are in their 30s and 55.7-percent work at least 40 hours a week.

Is dating good in San Diego?

San Diego was boosted to the top 10 by its “Dating Opportunities” and “Fun and Recreation” scores but failed to reach the top with its lower “Economics Score.” Several other high-ranking cities on the list had low economic scores, including San Francisco at third and Los Angeles at seventh.

Are people attractive in San Diego?

Travel + Leisure magazine released a list of the most attractive cities in America. T+L readers voted San Diego the #2 city for attractive people in the U.S., coming in behind Miami. Also in the top five for attractiveness are San Juan, P.R., Charleston and Los Angeles.

Where is Billionaires Row San Francisco?

Pacific Heights High atop the hills of the Pacific Heights neighborhood sits what has been coined Billionaires Row. This prestigious neighborhood features the largest homes in the city with mansions owned by business moguls such as Larry Ellison of Oracle, PayPal creator David Sacks and Mark Pincus, who is the creator of Farmville.

What is the most expensive home in San Francisco?

A palatial seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Pacific Heights just set a big record in San Francisco. 2920 Broadway is officially the most expensive home ever sold in the city, selling for $43.5 million.

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