Question: Who did Khloe steal French Montana from?

“They always say Khloe stole French Montana from Trina.” So, they called French Montana himself, who also denied that he was dating Trina when he got with Khloe.

Who did Khloe steal Trina?

In addition to allegedly stealing French Montana from Trina, Kardashians love interest after the “Unforgettable” rapper is also Trinas ex. After her split from French Montana in 2014, Kardashian began dating NBA player James Harden.

Did Malika have a thing with French Montana?

Malika Haqq & French Montana — Khloe Kardashian Dumps Rapper Over Texts To BFF. “Khloe broke into [Frenchs] phone and saw him sending all kinds of inappropriate texts to her girl [Malika]. She blacked out on dude, and thats why they broke up,” a source told

Was Trina and Khloe Kardashian friends?

Trina and reality star Khloe Kardashian were once good friends, but now they are far from friendly. After Kardashian dated two of Trinas former flames, that put the nail in the coffin on the friendship. Trina previously dated NBA star James Harden and rapper French Montana, and so did Khloe Kardashian.

Did Khloe steal French from Trina?

Kim Kardashian Says Khloe Never Stole French Montana From Trina, Says She Has Receipts She Didnt Steal Kanye West From Amber Rose. She and momager Kris Jenner first denied speculation that Khloes ex, Tristan Thompson, was still with his then pregnant girlfriend, Jordan Craig, when he and Khloe first started dating.

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