Question: Is it OK to ask a friend to set you up?

Not only do they know you best, but if theyre a good friend, they most likely want to see you happy. If you dont ask your friends to help set you up on a date the right way, you risk getting no help and potentially damaging your friendships. But, never fear!

How do you make your friends set you up?

DO …Talk with your friend first.Set them up with someone great.Be supportive.Set them up with someone random for the sake of it.Obsess over or try to control the outcome.Feel dejected if they say no to your match.13 Feb 2019

How do you politely decline a setup?

Instead of pointing out flaws in the other person, focus on why the setup isnt good for you. Tell the person youre not in a place where you feel like dating right now or that you prefer to live up the single life for a bit. If you really want to soften the blow, you can even throw in a compliment first.

Should you take relationship advice from friends?

Friends can be a wonderful source of emotional support, but its wise to think very carefully before acting on their advice when it comes to your relationship troubles. Have the confidence to believe in your gut feelings and past experiences, and learn to balance the opinions of other people with your own.

How do you politely reject a friend?

How to Let a Friend Down EasyDont give your friend hope. Ask your friend how he or she is feeling. Give your friend some space. Set some clear boundaries for yourself. Try to reestablish your old routine. Dont discuss the situation with mutual friends. Dont hide your interest in someone else (but dont rub it in, either)1 Jun 2016

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