Question: How many languages Tamanna know?

Does Tamanna know Tamil?

With the kind of extremely loyal fans I have from the south, I feel lucky, she told PTI. Being driven as a teenager, Tamannaah learned Tamil and Telugu. I dont know if Ill be able to learn two new languages today but when I was 15, I was keen on learning Tamil and Telugu.

Who is Tamanna father?

Santhosh Bhatia Tamannaah/Fathers

What is the age of Kajal?

36 years (June 19, 1985) Kajal Aggarwal/Age

What is the age of Tamanna Bhatia?

31 years (December 21, 1989) Tamannaah/Age

Is Trisha a Brahmin?

Trisha is a lead actress in Tamil and Telugu Film industry. Trisha is a Brahmin who was born at Pallakad, Kerala. But more than Brahmin, she respects Christianity. This is because she did her schooling at Church park convent.

How old is Sneha?

39 years (October 12, 1981) Sneha/Age

Is Kajal good for eyes?

[1] It has been claimed to keep the eyes cool and clean, improve vision and strengthen the eyes. It has also been used for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as blepharitis, cataract, conjunctivitis etc. [2] It is also said to ward off an evil eye.

What is the height of Tamanna?

1.65 m Tamannaah/Height

What is the education of Tamanna Bhatia?

Maneckji Cooper Educational Trust School RD and SH National College and SWA Science College Tamannaah/Education

Does Trisha drink alcohol?

Charming actress Trisha Krishnan is known for her extravagant lifestyle, and the beauty used to party with her friends whenever she gets a chance. The actress is said to be a frequent drinker, and this habit has previously created issues for her during the shooting of some movies.

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