Question: How long does the average 8th grade relationship last?

Im not in a relationship, but I want to know what to expect from some people. When I was in the eighth grade, I dated this man for eight months. My eighth grade friend dated her for two years. But most of the time, they live anywhere from one to five months on average.

How long do most middle school relationships last?

The percentage of middle school relationships that last the three years until high school is less than ten percent, while eight percent of high school relationships work until marriage, and only five percent of the relationships that are started in high school lead to marriages that do not end in divorce.

Is 8th grade a good time to start dating?

But dating in middle school should not be your priority. Focus on things like friendships, school, and developing your own unique personality more than you focus on finding someone to date. If you want to date, talk to your parents about it and seek their guidance. If you dont want to date, thats perfectly fine.

Can I date in eighth grade?

Just make sure youre staying safe!! I attend 8th Grade, and I think, yes it is acceptable, but you should only go for it, if you really believe it will be a proper relationship. What I mean is, you dont want to date someone, at an early age, if it is only going to be holding hands, and barely talking.

Can a freshman date a 8th grader?

Yes it is OK for a freshman to date an 8th grader.

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