Question: What is white label travel portal?

White label travel website is an online booking portal that allows travel agents to sell hotels, flights, holidays, buses and other travel products to their customers simply and quickly. They can also manage all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to aid the smooth running of their business.

What is white label portal?

What does “white label” mean? To “white label” an online service (in our case, your online training portal), simply means to put your own logo and branding on it. The name is derived from commercial products in unmarked (“white”) packaging that get branded and sold by different retailers with their custom trade dress.

Can I use a multiple White label travel portal?

Our user-friendly and responsive online travel portal enhances your customers booking experience. You can integrate multiple GDSs and third-party suppliers XML/API for Flights, Hotels, Packages, Sightseeing, Transfers, and Car Rentals to your online booking engine to sell multiple products under one roof.

What is white label booking?

A private-label hotel booking engine (a.k.a. white-label hotel booking engine) is a website or user interface built by one company that offers hotel rooms under the brand of another company.

What is B2B White label?

B2B White Label Travel Portal is a one stop solution provider for all the technology needs of travel agents, consolidators, corporate travel consultants, hotelier and tour operators.

How do you make a White Label portal?

Video: How to Create a White Label PortalChange the company logo that displays in the portal.Add a password to protect your portal.Allow single sign-on for multiple campaigns.Customize report options within the portal.Create report options defaults for the portal.14 Oct 2014

How do I create a White Label website?

Creating your own White Label site is simple and cheap. The easiest method is to use software that allows you to create your own website. However, if you have programming knowledge, creating a White Label website is much easier. You will be able to customize your product and offer something unique to users.

How do I get a travel website API?

Here are some popular APIs that you can get kinda free or with shared fees.Travel Innovation Sandbox by Amadeus. Sandbox APIs include: flights, hotels, cars, trains, and points of interest. API Explorer by Sabre. Skyscanner API. OpenSky API. API. Expedia Rapid APIs. Ticketmaster APIs.1 Nov 2018

What is a white label hotel operator?

A “white label operator” (“WLO”) is a hotel management company which does not have a brand.

What is white label solution?

What is a White-Label Solution? White-label solution is a product or service you can rebrand and resell as your own to clients. A white-label product is typically developed by Company A that can be rebranded and sold under Company B.

What is White Label CRM?

What Is White Label CRM Service? A white label service is where one company makes a product and another sells that product, typically without branding. With our white label CRM service, you can buy our software and resell it with your own branding, easily offering it to your clients.

What does the term White Label mean?

“White label” refers to a fully supported product or service thats made by one company but sold by another. White label products and services are purchased by the latter company without branding. White label solutions work well for everything from cereal to tickets.

How do I make an Aeps portal?

It is a very good idea to start your own AEPS, Money Transfer, Mobile recharge Portal .Required Documents for White Label AEPS Portal :Directors Photo ID & Address proof.Company Incorporation Certificate.Company Address Proof.Company Cancel Cheque / Bank Statement / Bank Memo.MOA & AOA.Board Resolution.

How do I get Skyscanner API?

To do this, navigate to the Skyscanner Flight Search functions page, select the endpoint you want to call, and click the “Test Function” button. Once youve made a test API call, you are ready to add the API to your project. Every API on RapidAPI has a code snippet provided to help get you started.

Do I need to fill in advance passenger information?

For security reasons, the US, most EU member states, and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. You will still need to follow the entry rules for every country you visit, as well as any customs and passport control regulations.

What is a Manchise?

Manchise – a hybrid of franchise and management – means greater involvement of the owners after an operator runs a hotel for the initial few years. With some of Chinas largest hotel companies reporting improved business through the manchise route, some in India, too, have started experimenting with the concept.

What is white label SaaS?

White label Saas is software that a company Rebrands, Reprices, and Resells as its own software. The vendor sells unbranded software to an agency or reseller who puts their branding on it and resells it to their clients at a profit. White labeling has become very popular for SaaS and in marketing services.

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