Question: Should I tell my FWB I have feelings for him?

Should I tell my FWB that I like him?

Its fine to tell him you love him but remember you have broken the rules of Friends With Benefits. Prepare yourself… he may feel the same or he may not be ready or willing to change the relationship you both agreed to have.

Can you be FWB if you have feelings?

Not necessarily. Friends with benefits is clearly a sexually convenient and consistent hookup arrangement without the responsibilities of being in a relationship. But sometimes the lines can blur, and you might find yourself feeling more than just friendly towards your friend with benefits.

Do I tell my FWB I have feelings?

Its important to be honest and clear with your FWB about how your feelings have changed, especially if the situation began with no feelings. Tell them they can have as long as theyd like to think it over, but youd like to know when they figure out their feelings.

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