Question: How much is JDate monthly?

Can you use JDate without paying?

You can use JDate for free, but what you can do is limited. Free users can: Set up a profile. Add up to 6 photos.

What is a removed user on JDate?

Jdate does take action after it removes a user: It “quarantines” the account and deletes that users messages from the inboxes of others on the platform. That way, the banned party cant contact anyone through Jdate, or be contacted through Jdate, said the Jdate and Spark Networks Press Team in an email.

Is jdate worth the money?

JDate is 100% worth it if youre a Jewish single looking for love. If youre looking for a fling, its probably not the right site for you. But, if youre looking for something more serious (or that at least could have the potential to be more serious), youre going to love JDate.

How do I get rid of J Date?

When youre ready to permanently delete your profile, you will follow these steps:Click the thumbnail of your Profile Photo in the upper right corner of your Profile Page.Select Account Settings.Click on Profile Display Settings.Click on the Permanently Delete Profile button.

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