Question: Is SilverSingles in UK?

Member structure on SilverSingles The site is exclusively for ages 50+. 80% of its members have some kind of university degree and the majority of its users come from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.

How much is SilverSingles UK?

A three-month subscription costs $51, a six-month subscription costs $57, and a year-long subscription costs $103.

How much is it to join SilverSingles?

Its free to sign up to this dating site. Once youve joined, you can fill out your dating profile and use the search feature to find other 50 up singles. However, bear in mind that the free side of the service is somewhat limited.

What does it cost to join SilverSingles?

However, the SilverSingles price for premium membership gives you unlimited access to an online singles community looking for real love and companionship. Our current prices are as follows: 12 Months: $24.95. 6 Months: $34.95.

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