Question: Is Houston LGBT friendly?

Houston Lags Behind Other Major Texas Cities in LGBT-Friendliness. Houston is still doing better than the national average in LGBT-friendly policies, according to a new report by an advocacy group. Houston scored 70 out of 100 in the citys LGBT-friendly policies.

Is San Antonio LGBT friendly?

San Antonio may be known as a family-friendly city, but its also LGBT-friendly as well! There are a number of bars, clubs and restaurants for the LGBT crowd to congregate and have some fun - drinks, dancing and mingling included! For those who have been here before, you know the best place to go is always the Bonham.

Does it snow in San Antonio?

Snow in San Antonio is rare. Normally you have to wait a few years between a snowfall with a slight accumulation and another. In December 2017, 5 centimeters (2 inches) of snow fell. In February 2021, snow reached 15 cm (6 in), as it had not happened for decades.

Has San Antonio ever had a white Christmas?

The fact that we wont have a white Christmas shouldnt come as a surprise for San Antonians. In reality, there has never been snow on Christmas day since official records began in the 1890s. Unfortunately, no snow fell in San Antonio.

Is it better to live in Houston or San Antonio?

Houston, being a more developed city, might seem to be edgier and preferable. However, when we consider other factors, San Antonio is a better choice. San Antonio, by comparison, has tolerable weather, better traffic, and friendlier locals.

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