Question: What is a makers mark on furniture?

A makers mark is the equivalent of antique trademarking. They allow craftsmen and manufacturers to take credit for creating a beautiful piece of furniture. It isnt unknown for forgers to hoodwink potential buyers with fake marks, so its important to understand the furniture as much as the mark itself.

How can I tell who made my sofa?

Modern sofas and some not-so-modern pieces are often identified by a tag or makers mark somewhere on the piece, typically on the bottom. Flip the sofa on its side and look for tags or stamps on the fabric or on the exposed areas of the frame.

How can I tell what brand my furniture is?

Look for a metal or paper tag, a sticker or a stamp listing a brand name. This might be found on the underside of the table or one of the chairs. Check the braces at the corners of tables or chair seats, visible from beneath.

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