Question: Is Brandy in a relationship?

Brandy gets engaged to NBA player Quinten Richardson “Its definitely going well,” she said.

Who is Brandys partner?

At the end of 2012, Norwood became engaged to music executive Ryan Press.

Does Brandy have a child?

SyRai Brandy/Children When Brandy was just 25 years old, she gave birth to Syrai Smith, who is her child with producer Big Bert. Her pregnancy with her daughter was very publicized. She had her own show on MTV called Brandy: Special Delivery, which followed her experience with expecting and having a baby.

Has Brandy been married?

A whirlwind month for singer Brandy is leaving her with thoughts about becoming a nun. After defending reports that she and record producer Robert Smith, the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Syrai, were never married, Brandy became engaged to pro basketball player Quentin Richardson.

How old is Brandy now?

42 years (February 11, 1979) Brandy/Age

Why did brandy and Ryan press break up?

The Break Up Is Reportedly Brandys Decision They decided to take a step back and reevaluate the relationship.

Who is Brandys daughter?

SyRai Brandy/Daughters

Who is Brandy siblings?

Ray J Brandy/Siblings

When did Kobe date Brandy?

Go Inside Vanessa Bryants Star-Studded Trip to Italy Brandy and Kobe have history together -- the two were famously prom dates when they were both just 17 years old. In May 1996, Brandy attended Kobes Lower Merion Township High School prom that was held at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia.

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