Question: Who in the Vampire Diaries cast dated?

Did any of the Vampire Diaries cast date?

Candice Accola and Zach Roerig were in a two-year relationship after she briefly dated Steven R. McQueen. And Joseph Morgan and Persia White fell in love on the set when they both joined the show in season three, going on to get married in July 2014.

Did Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham dated?

“To me, in spite of what [Bonnie and Damon] had in the books, that kind of relationship would only be born out of chemistry, and an on-screen connection,” Plec told E! Online. “Ian and Kat are super close. They love each other. Sadly, Bonnie and Damon never dated.

Who is Paul Wesley dating?

Ines de Ramon He sold his Los Angeles residence after his divorce from DeVitto at the end of 2013. As of February 2019, Wesley is married to Ines de Ramon.

Did Nina Dobrev date Ian Somerhalder?

Dobrev and Somerhalder dated for several years before calling it quits in 2013. Despite the split, the two continued to work together as their onscreen characters, Elena and Damon, remained in love as a couple.

Who broke up Nina or Ian?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up in 2013, but the way they handled their split is still impressive to former costar Claire Holt.

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